Your partner in the waters of

Public Relations and Public Affairs

We are sailing the digital sea

We are sailing the digital sea
The old ways of communication are water under the bridge, and what once worked well has been swept away.
But how to navigate the waters of legislative processes and not get lost when the ship must sail on?

The Ship is an agency for digital democracy.
We combine elements of modern PR and Public Affairs to help companies effectively pass on their ideas and operate actively in the public sphere.

The Ship is Partnership, Relationship and Leadership.


Public affairs

We deeply appreciate the work of politicians and believe in cooperation and selfless help. We consider lobbing to be helpful while solving important, time-sensitive issues demanding expertise that politicians often face. We do not see problems in the world, only opportunities waiting to be taken. That is why we approach negotiations as partners able to provide solutions.

We believe that journalists play an irreplaceable role in our society.

We understand how the media operate and know who to contact, what to offer, and how to share information so that it is valuable to the journalists.
We can creatively adapt your topics, pass on your key messages and make sure that your voice is heard throughout the entire society.

Therefore, we understand media relations as an equal relationship that brings benefits to both parties.

Public Relations

Crisis Communication

We can intervene rapidly and prepare a crisis communication to protect your interests in unfavourable conditions.

We are specialists in communication in critical situations and we see reputation management as an essential part of crisis management of businesses.

We will make sure that in the most important moment, your point of view will not be overlooked.

The public, the politics, and their mutual relationships have changed in recent years.

Disciplines such as PA and PR found a new dynamic in the 21st century – everything is happening on-line and topics are appearing and disappearing rapidly.

It is not enough to be right anymore. Today, it is necessary to get and keep attention as well. The online environment has become a raging sea, but we will ensure that you have a direct impact and clearly measurable influence.

Digital Communication


We offer flexible project-based cooperation and immediate solving of specific issues, as well as immediate and professional management of crisis communication. We believe, however, in the benefits of long-term cooperation, enabling conceptual planning of a communication strategy and a thorough establishment of brand reputation, which will always give you an edge over the competition.

Who we are

We are a modern Public Relations and Public Affairs agency based in Prague, Czech Republic. We are one of the most significant Czech agencies focusing on lobbying and strategic communication.

Petr Pařízek

PR Strategist

Daniel Klíma

PA Strategist

We are a team of experienced PR and PA experts with perfect knowledge of the world of digital communication. Public Relations and Public Affairs are two ways to attain business goals – ways, that do not always lead in the same direction. PR and PA however work best when aimed towards the same goal and act in synergy. We can provide our clients with this synergy.

We are professionals who understand our clients and their strategical and business needs and the environment in which they operate and which affects them.



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