Public affairs

We deeply appreciate the work of politicians and believe in cooperation and selfless help.

We consider lobbing to be helpful while solving important, time-sensitive issues demanding expertise that politicians often face.

We do not see problems in the world, only opportunities waiting to be taken. That is why we approach negotiations as partners able to provide solutions.


Government relations

We know our way through the labyrinth of legislature and we are experts on positive influencing and complex interactions with decision-making processes

Policy monitoring

You will always be up to date on the current state of decision-making processes and you will never miss a shift in the legislative field

Monitoring of new policies

We are always one step ahead and, thanks to our expert insight into the structure of the political scene and our awareness of what moves the media and social media, we always know which way the political winds blow


We can arrange appointments with key stakeholders and prepare all materials necessary to succeed in them


Analysis of key terms and topics and preparation of phrasings, which allow the decision-makers to take hold of the subject