Digital Communication

The public, the politics, and their mutual relationships have changed in recent years. Disciplines such as PA and PR found a new dynamic in the 21st century – everything is happening on-line and topics are appearing and disappearing rapidly.

It is not enough to be right anymore. Today, it is necessary to get and keep attention as well. The online environment has become a raging sea, but we will ensure that you have a direct impact and clearly measurable influence.



We cooperate closely with those, who have an impact, including the celebrities of social media.

Direct Message

Creative concepts and realization of direct mails and other forms of unmediated approach to stakeholders.


We know how to create an app tailored specifically to your needs, from simple, user-friendly ones to complex projects incorporating augmented reality


We can create professional websites which meet all the standards that you expect from your online presentation


We are experts in making digital and audio-visual content including videos and we are equipped with professional tools and our own studio